Sunday, March 28, 2010

Tennessee dog who chewed police car bumper is returned to family

Winston the dog has no problem with people. But he cannot stand police cars, specifically their bumpers.
On March 14, while lying in wait for speeding motorists, a Chattanooga, Tenn., police officer felt his vehicle bouncing around. Soon he realized Winston was attacking the front bumper. A second unit was brought in to document the assault (which can be seen in the video below and here).
The use of a Taser did not stop the animal, but eventually the boxer-bull mix was apprehended and taken into custody at the McKamey Animal Shelter where he was held for two weeks. On Thursday Winston was reunited with his family, the Emerlings, who paid $200 in fees.
City Court Judge Sherry Paty acknowledged that the violent attack did not happen to any people but insisted that the Emerlings take Winston to at least two obedience classes so that this behavior could be quelled before others were injured.

WDEF-TV interviewed Winston's owner Michael Emerling who expressed gratitude that the police did not use deadly force on his pet. "We've seen places where dogs have done a lot less and been shot. We really are grateful to them for not doing that."
McKamey's Executive Director Karen Walsh said she had heard rumors that perhaps the police radar had provoked Winston's tirade, but she wasn't buying it. "I've never heard any evidence of animals being able to hear police radar guns," Walsh told the local news.

Now I know that this could have been a very dangerous situation if the dog attacked anyone, but I have to say I started to laugh when i saw this video, and I thank the police for being understanding and patient to spare this dogs life and not shoot him.  Winston, you better be good now!

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