Saturday, March 27, 2010

Russia Farmer Hopes To Make His Cows "Happy" By Watching TV

Russian cows watch tv 1
One Russian farmer decided to equip his cow barn with… LED TVs.
He has got from somewhere the information that cows get more happy and productive if they watch the movies with the juicy green fields. So he got a non-stop loop of world’s recognized green Swiss Alpine fields and got the most slim LCD TVs on market in Russia and then called the team of workers to install that all.
Now they go into statistics to measure the outcomes. They compare the results from two groups of cows, one is watching TV another is deprived of this humanity most spread entertainment thing.

Where do I begin with this one?  Instead of installing the televisions, let them out of the damn barn to actually graze on the grass instead of watching it on TV!  It must be a real slap in the face to these poor cows that they are subjected to this idiocy!  I am sooooo glad that no one in my family was ever a farmer or rancher.  The obvious ignorance some of these people have just amazes me!

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