Friday, March 26, 2010

Coyote Avoids Capture for 2 days in Manhattan

In what is certainly bizarre news, a wild coyote managed to hoodwink the New York Police for two days before being captured in a parking garage.

This is the fourth sighting of a coyote in Manhattan this year. There were 3 sightings of coyotes on the campus of the Columbia University earlier this year before this one.

The police tried to capture it for the first time near the Holland Tunnel on Wednesday but failed to do so. Police personnel had managed to corner it in the Tribeca neighborhood only to find that the coyote managed to evade them and was seen until Thursday afternoon from where the police chased it to a garage in Tribeca where they cornered the coyote and sedated it using a dart gun.

The police gave the coyote to the American Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals where animal experts will keep the coyote under observation for a few days before deciding on where to release it.

Coyotes live in vast numbers outside the city limits as well as a few who live in NYC. There is also a sizable coyote population in the Van Cortlandt Park, which is in Bronx. Coyotes, which were captured before, have been released there and this one might be released there as well.

New York State’s Department of Environmental Conservation states that coyotes have been living in New York for a long time now and that they pose not much danger to human beings. For proof, they provided the statistics, which says that the number of dog attacks in the New York state number around 600 or so per year, while there are only a few coyote attacks all over the nation.

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I hope the ASPCA does the right thing by releasing her somewhere where she can live free from harm, and not euthanize her.

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  1. I'v been seeing coyotes since the summer in Mahattan. I saw 4 of them in the park on Dykeman next to the Harlem river Dr. At first glance I thought they were really big dog running loose but I thought it was stange that there was no owner with them. It was also strange that they were in the same spot every Sunday morning. These dogs looked more wolflike than dog. I believe they are a family of coyotes.


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