Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Hero Dog Runs for Help When Owner Collapses - AP NEWS

Her legs may only be a few inches long, but Missy the dachshund proved that she can run like the wind -- when she has to.

Her owner Charlie Burdon, who had recently had heart surgery, collapsed inside his Oregon home last week. Missy, who was in the yard, immediately sensed something was awry, ABC2 news in Baltimore, Md. reports.

Normally, the 11-year-old dachshund never leaves her yard unless Burdon is with her. But this time, she sprinted across the street to the home of neighbor Charles Mitchell, who was working outside.

Mitchell told Missy to head home, but the loyal pooch refused to budge. Finally, he began following the little dog. "Missy was right in front of me, letting me know something was wrong inside that house," Mitchell told the Associated Press. When he arrived, he found Burdon and quickly called the paramedics.

It turned out that Burdon had been overcome by a severe case of vertigo. He's now doing fine -- thanks to Missy. "It's remarkable that you can put your trust into your dog" says Burdon. More evidence that good things come in small packages.

Animals are truly compassionate and only know one thing - LOVE

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