Thursday, August 26, 2010

9 Year Old Activist Says LET LOLITA LIVE! (LLL)

Save Lolita!  Please join the cause!

Trevor and Capt. Watson of the Sea Shepherd

"The reason I started this page was because I watche a video of Lolita and I thought that no more whales should be treated like crud anymore! And I thought of the protest in Seattle that I am going to with my mom and brother and sister and dad, and I wanted to make sure she lives, so I thought of LLL which stands for Let Lolita Live! so please help Lolita live with her family!"

These were the words of a nine year old boy, Trevor, who "gets it".  Animals that are wild, should be left alone in the wild. Save Lolita!  What an amazing young activist.  Please join his facebook page HERE, and please help Lolita by visiting WWW.SAVELOLITA.COM

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