Wednesday, July 28, 2010

ACTION ALERT! : U.S. Citizens - Ask Your Senators To Pass A Crush Videos Act Of 2010

"Crush" fetish videos also called "squish" videos generally depict a woman, often in stiletto heels, stepping on small animals such as rodents and kittens. Crush videos are typically sold over the Internet for anywhere between $20 to $300 a piece. A 1999 federal law aimed at ending the trade in these videos and prosecuting those who market them was overturned in 2008; this decision was upheld by the Supreme Court in April 2010.

As an animal advocate, I am asking you to sign this petition to help pass this very important piece of legislation to help protect some of the most vulnerable from a horrific, dispicable death.  Please help be a voice 4 animals. Click the link below.

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