Sunday, July 11, 2010

Tricks Are For Kids, Not Circus Animals! : By Michael Tiedemann

A family goes on a trip to a circus.  The Big Top Experience!  Flying people on a trapeze making people nervous and exhilarated.  Clowns running through the audience making people laugh.  Popcorn, cotton candy for the kiddies to munch on! And at center stage, ANIMALS BEING ABUSED FOR YOUR ENTERTAINMENT!! What a wonderful way to spend a day!  There are many animals used in the circus performances, or should I say SLAVE SHOWS.  Tigers, elephants, bears, monkeys, etc.  Animals in their natural habitat DO NOT spin in circles, climb up ladders, walk across tight ropes, stand on their heads, jump through fire, jump of platforms into bathtubs, etc.  In order to make these animals look as though they are having a wonderful time ENTERTAINING their captive audience, they are BEATEN until they, out of fear, learn to do the moves the audience marvel at.  The handlers use chains, ropes, chairs, bullhooks, electric shock devices, etc.  These animals should not be treated like this, and we as patrons should not go to these types of shows.  There are so many other "non-animal" circuses around the world, like  and  that are just unbelievably entertaining that they do not need to use innocent beings to get the oooos and ahhhhhhhs from their audience. I have had the privilege of attending productions by both of the companies I mentioned and they BLEW ME AWAY!  Amazing Amazing Amazing! 

Please think twice before you attend a circus that has animal acts.  By doing so you are contributing to the suffering of those beautiful creatures.  Be compassionate.  Thank You.

The nature shows on television never had a
tiger jumping through a hoop of fire!

I have never seen a bear in the woods that was dancing!

Here is a picture of an elephant being trained to stand on his
 back legs and hold that position.
As you can see the animal is tied on the leg and bullhooks are used
 to keep the animal in position.
You can actually see the fear in this poor animals eyes!
Trainers always say that they give the animal treats
 and positive reinforcement  for
learning the dangerous stunts.

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  1. your right!!! what the HELL!! I always thought they were treated humanly but thats bull!!how could they?


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