Sunday, July 4, 2010

Puppy's Best Friend

A puppy trapped in a remote Arizona canyon is getting a second chance thanks to rock climber Zak Anderegg. 'Today' correspondent Kristen Welker chronicles the daring rescue of the dog, now affectionately known as "Puppy." On a weekend hike through the canyons along the Arizona-Utah border, Anderegg was shocked to find the dog at the bottom of a narrow 350 foot deep canyon, "emaciated, all alone, and scared."

An animal lover at heart, Anderegg sprung into action. "Borrowing a cat carrier from a local animal hospital, and attaching it to his ropes, Anderegg was able to lift the dog from the depths of the cavern all by himself," Welker explains. With the help of a local vet, Anderegg was able nurse the miracle pup back to health. Puppy is temporarily living with Zak and his wife while they search for a permanent home.
There are still caring and compassionate people in the world!  This story gives me hope for humanity.

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