Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Summertime Tips to Keep Your Pooch Safe

It's summertime!  Time to get out and enjoy the outdoors with your dog.  Please just remember a few simple tips to help keep you and your best bud happy and safe.

Bring water for both of you!  You must keep hydrated in the heat.  Dogs can't regulate their body temperature through sweating so they heat up even faster than you.  Animal supply stores have cool travel water bottles for dogs.  Get one!

You wear sneakers, your dog doesn't.  Make sure that you keep your dog safe from burns on their paws by walking in the grass rather than on the hot pavement.  The sun burning down can make the pavement like a frying pan in summer.  The best times to walk your dog would be early morning or right near sundown.  It will be more comfortable for both of you! :)

Sunscreen is good for both you and your dog!  Use it so no one gets burned!!!

Last but not least, NEVER leave your dog alone in the car during the hot summer, no matter what!  Not even with the windows cracked.  The temperature skyrockets and the dog will die within minutes!

Please visit http://mydogiscool.com/  for more information on how you can help your dog stay cool this summer!

Have a great summer everyone!


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  1. Great tips, Michael! We carry fliers from My Dog Is Cool around to put on some cars. I'm just shocked with what some people think is okay.


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