Sunday, July 24, 2011

GRAPHIC IMAGE: Bond set for man who allegedly tried to decapitate dog - By Elizabeth Klynstra

MONROE COUNTY, GA (CBS ATLANTA) - Bond has been set for a Forsyth man who allegedly almost decapitated his mixed-breed dog. As of Saturday afternoon, he was still in jail.

19-year-old, Monterion Dionte Davis, made his first appearance Friday morning and has a $15,000 bond. He cannot be see with animals, according to Judge Davis, with Monroe County Magistrate Court.

Law enforcement officials called this the worst animal abuse case they have ever seen in Forsyth.

A spokesperson with the Monroe County Sheriff's Office said Davis was arrested Thursday after an animal advocacy group found out about his severely injured dog.

That group, Save-A-Pet, took the dog to the Caldwell Veterinary Hospital where it underwent emergency surgery to repair its severed trachea and other life-threatening injuries.

Shane Smith said he was at the pound when he saw dog. The pup walked up to him and he saw her throat was severed. Smith rushed the dog to Dr. Butler Caldwell who is amazed she is alive.

Caldwell said, "Most of the musculature up here was severed, the trachea was severed. Fortunately, the major arteries were not severed or the esophagus."

Dr. Caldwell performed the emergency surgery and is overseeing the dog's recovery.

Smith has named her Hope. "She'll just go up to anyone she's just a good dog," said Smith.

Monroe County Sheriff John Cary Bittick said that this was the worst case of animal abuse he'd seen in his 29 years as sheriff.

"Cruelty to animals is a crime I do not take lightly and all such cases will be investigated and perpetrators will be charged," he said.

Bittick said good detective work led them to Davis. He said Davis admitted to using an electrical cord to tie the dog in the woods. The sheriff's office said Davis told investigators he left the dog to die.

Davis is being held in the Monroe County Jail. The sheriff's department will continue to investigate the case.

It is unclear at this time how long Hope was tied up, who brought her to the pounds or why Smith was the first person to get her help.

Smith said Hope is not up for adoption. He and his wife have adopted her and will make sure she never suffers again.

It is very difficult to understand what is going on inside the head of another human being.  Especially when they do something cruel and hurtful.  If you wish to view the photo of what this young man did to this dog, please follow the link to the story main link below.  I think we need to do a petition to make sure this man gets the proper sentence in court.

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