Thursday, February 16, 2012

William C. Oden Memorial Fundraiser to Benefit Dutchess County SPCA

The man I called Dad since the age of 4 passed away the morning of February 15th after a very short battle with colon cancer. William C. Oden will be remembered as a wonderful Husband and Dad. A United States Navy Veteran, he was a stern parent with a heart as big as the ocean. He had a amazing talent to make anyone laugh as he was the ultimate flirt and comedian. He left this world too soon, but we will all have fond memories and will always love him. Rest in Peace, Dad. Love you!
The last two rescue dogs that we adopted came from the Dutchess County SPCA in Hyde Park, NY.  My Dad is the one that picked them out.  He always had great respect for the people at the shelter.  He said that he could never work in such a place because it breaks his heart to see the animals that are unwanted sitting in cages waiting, and hoping that someone will find them a forever home and family.
My family is collecting money to order a memorial item to be on display at the new adoption center currently being built.  My Dad wanted nothing special as far as funeral services, so this would be a great way to pay tribute to a man who has shown love and humor to many people throughout his life. 
Please click the button to donate and share this page so that others could donate.
Thank you on behalf of my Mother, and the rest of our family.
Outside the Dutchess County SPCA where Dad picked out Nemo to come to his forever home in 2008.

Dad nuzzling Nemo they day we adopted him.

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