Tuesday, March 29, 2011

UPDATE!!! The Dutchess County SPCA Seizes a Puppy and Arrests Store Owner

The Dutchess County SPCA seizes a puppy and arrests store owner and an employee following complaints of selling an unhealthy puppy.
HYDE PARK, NY (March 25, 2011) –Yesterday, the Dutchess

County SPCA seized an unhealthy puppy being offered for sale by

Puppies and Kittens, a pet store in Wappingers Falls, and charged

the store owner and an employee after a local veterinarian

examined the dog and found him to be unfit to be sold.

DCSPCA Humane Law Officers were contacted by a customer of

the store who had purchased the puppy. Her veterinarian found the

puppy to be unhealthy and advised her that the dog should not

have been sold. She returned the puppy to the store, which offered

him for sale in the store’s window the next day. DCSPCA Officers

Jami Landry and Daniel Flaherty investigated and charged the

owner, Richard F. Doyle with two counts of Section 357 (Selling

Diseased Animals, Unclassified Misdemeanor) for knowingly

offering an unhealthy puppy for sale twice. The owner was also

charged with one count of Section 353 (Animal Cruelty, Class A

Misdemeanor). An employee was changed with one count of

Section 353 (Animal Cruelty, Class A Misdemeanor).

The defendants are due to appear in the Village of Wappingers

Court on April 7th. The 11-week old Teacup Yorkshire Terrier is

being nursed back to health by the DCSPCA’s Animal Services

team. He is not available for adoption. He is the eighth puppy

officers have seized from local pet stores in the past month.

Last month, the DCSPCA investigated similar complaints about Pet

Fashion Pet Store in the Galleria Mall. Six employees and the

owner now face a total of 66 charges stemming from allegations

that they offered puppies that were too sick to sell.

The investigation is on-going. Anyone who has purchased a puppy

from Puppies and Kittens pet store in Wappingers Falls that has or

had an infectious or contagious illness should contact the

DCSPCA’s Humane Law Department immediately by dialing

845.452.7722 ext. 4

Great work Jami and Daniel!  And thank you Cher for bringing this to my attention and for all you do for our friends at the shelter! 
Remember,  ADOPT! Don't Buy.

My original story can be found here


  1. he is still in business selling sick and diseased animals. When will he be stopped? He needs to be put behind bars, not the animals.

    1. You have to call DCSPCA as directed above. I was just there on Tuesday and the pups were coughing and gagging...one poor beagle was way too skinny. I lodged a complaint with Humane Law. The only way they can go back is when enough people complain.

  2. they should euthanize anyone involved..DOGS ARE GENERALLY NICER THAN PEOPLE

  3. These people need to br shut down and out in jail !!!!

  4. Jerk, they should put him in a cage!!

  5. About 3 1/2 years ago I bought an 11 week old shih tzu puppy from him who had a stage 4 heart murmur. My vet told me to return the puppy immediately and that the puppy was unfit for sale. SOB store owner wouldn't give me my money back and I had to go through a whole lot of crap with Capital One Credit Card to get my money back. FINALLY after almost 6 months I was re-reimbursed my money through Capital One.

    I hope they lock this guy up for a VERY, VERY, VERY LONG Time!!


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