Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Dutchess SPCA Seizes Puppies From Mall Store

TOWN OF POUGHKEEPSIE, New York – Seven puppies were seized from Pet Fashion, a pet store at the Galleria mall in the Town of Poughkeepsie. The warrant for the seizure was issued by the Town of Poughkeepsie and executed on Saturday.

The puppies were examined by a licensed SPCA veterinarian and are being held in isolation where they will receive ongoing medical care. Two of the dogs were in serious condition and required emergency medical care, the SPCA said. The puppies are not available for adoption.

The investigation was prompted by complaints that the store was selling animals showing signs of illness. The investigation is continuing.

Anyone who has purchased a puppy from Pet Fashion that has or had an infectious or contagious illness should contact the Dutchess SPCA’s Humane Law Department at 845-452-7722 ext 4.

“We are concerned about the health of these seven puppies and preventing the further spread of illness,” said SPCA Executive Director Joyce Garrity.

Don't buy dogs and cats from a pet store.  The overwhelming majority of them come from puppy mills.  These places are horribly cruel and many of the animals get sick and die at very early ages.  ADOPT a friend! If you wish to send a donation to help these puppies, please go to DCSPCA.ORG.  And tell them you heard about it on this blog!  Thanks!

source : http://www.midhudsonnews.com/News/2011/February/22/DC_pup_seize-22Feb11.html


  1. I'm sorry to see this happened at this store. But I dissagree with your statement about buying a dog from a pet store to a certan extent. yes I know that the majority are from puppy mills and wouldnt consider this under normal circumstaces, but after hearing this story, my wife I immediately went and got one of the dogs from this store to get it out of that hell hole and to a vet and into a loving family where it will be treated with the proper love and affection it deserves. We have two other dogs we adopted from a shelter FYI...this dog is now in good loving hands. Amen.

  2. Thanks for the feedback. I understand how you feel, and it hurts me too, however, by buying an animal from a pet store rather than adopting from a shelter, it just gives money to the people who are putting these animals through hell, and keeps them in business. If people stopped buying animals there would be no need for the puppy mills. I will have a new entry soon with evidence of what puppy mills are up to. Thanks again for your comments/


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