Monday, November 1, 2010

Va. woman's pet fox held at animal shelter

Sitterson told The Post's Paul Duggan late Monday that animal-control officials have agreed to give her back her fox. She said she successfully argued that the licensing requirement does not apply to foxes purchased from breeders outside Virginia. She said she bought her fox from a breeder in the Midwest about seven months ago.

Original Post:

Swiper, the Silver Cross Fox, is being held at an animal shelter after his owner dressed him up in a skeleton costume on Halloween and took him for a walk, WTOP reports.

Fairfax County Police say Alayna Sitterson didn't have the proper permits to own the fox, whom she took for a walk at Reston Town Center Sunday morning. Sitterson has been charged with unlawful possession of wildlife.

Swiper is 7-months-old, neutered, litter-box trained and vaccinated for rabies, according to Sitterson. He will remain at the animal shelter until the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries decides whether it will issue a special permit.

Wild animals should stay that way.  WILD


  1. hey idiot her pet wasn't wild. it was domestic. Virginia recognizes these foxes as domesticated animals and was happy to give it back and drop the charges. :)

  2. Thanks so much for that lovely comment "Anonymous". As a vegan, I am against any animal exploitation. Raising a fox, a WILD animal, whether it is from birth or taken from the woods, is wrong. It makes no difference if a state allows it. Slavery was legal for quite a long time until people woke up and realized that it was wrong.

  3. So I you would propose we suffer instead of them, hate to to tell you that your loving animal friends would choose survival over suffering, have you ever seen a vegan lion or tiger no, wanna know why? Because its natural selection, in order to preserve homeostasis you must keep the circle of life going, or else the entire planet will become overpopulated....keeping a pet isn't going destroy the world, it may make some kids smile, and trust me its not like the animal was treated improperly, if you feed pets and treat thm as members of family its fine to keep them

  4. Thanks for the comments Timothy. In no way do I think we have to choose between who should suffer. NO ONE should suffer. By us taking animals out of the wild for any reason, zoos, circuses, pets, we enslave them. Plain and simple. There are no vegan lions or tigers because they are actual carnivores that cannot survive without meat. A fox is a wild animal. It is not domesticated like todays "pets" dogs/cats. That's the reason dogs and cats rely on humans for all their needs because over time we domesticated them.

  5. Foxes can be bred specifically for traits that make them great companions. To say they should never be allowed as pets is to say cats, dogs, horses, fish, pigs, cattle, goats, small rodents and the like should never be pets. All animals started as wild. That's where selective breeding came into play. And that's why a lot of states that do allow "exotic" pets require you have a permit to have the animal. And any breeder worth his salt would never sell a pet, be it cat or dog or fox, to anyone who looked like they weren't prepared to accommodate the animal in question.

    Honestly, altered, vaccinated, and litter trained doesn't seem like animal abuse to me, that sounds like my own cats. And I'm sure that's why the woman and fox in question were reunited.

  6. Vegans always have something to say. .. And it's always "I'm a vegan... blah. .. blah. .."
    Who cares, I eat meat & I LOVE animals! I want some as pets & some in my belly, however the point made (obviously by those who speak before educating themselves) was that foxes are wild & not pets, sorry to be more informed than those still on dsl but foxes -although obviously one should not aquire any animal from the wild as a pet- have been captive bread and artificially selected to eventually produce a domesticated fox. ..hmm, isn't that how we got today's endless list of dog breeds?

  7. I have a pet fox kit named Shylo. He's about 13 weeks old. and he's VERY happy. I bet he'd rather be here in a nice warm house, with plenty of food and water and LOT'S of toys. Than be out in the woods, fighting to survive, running from fox hunters and hounds, and being hit by cars, Etc~ He's not my pet. He is my family. and I LOVE him to pieces...Yeah..he's spoiled...and chews a lot....but hes still my baby. :3 He was bred and raised on a farm...He wouldnt survive a DAY in the wild....He curls up with me when I sleep...and when I'm sick he stays beside me and licks my cheek. He's a great companion!


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