Friday, October 8, 2010

Book Review : The World Peace Diet - by Will Tuttle, Ph.D.

I recently finished reading The World Peace Diet.  I thought it was extremely well written, and very informative.  In this book, Dr. Will Tuttle talks about our relationship with our food from different angles.  Morals, religion, ethics, traditions, etc. and our inter-connectedness we have with the animals that end up on our plates as well as with  other humans. This book describes what changes we can make for ourselves, the animals, and the planet if we open our eyes to a new way of living through a compassionate diet. Whether you are religious or spiritual, if you are vegan, vegetarian, or omnivore, if care about animals, or if you just want a very informative book that will give you quite a few aha! moments that may make you think twice about the foods you serve your family, this book is a must read.  There are also several heart-warming personal stories Dr. Tuttle shares.  I highly recommend this book.

Here is a small excerpt from The World Peace Diet:

"When we cultivate mindful awareness of the consequences of our food choices and conscientiously adopt a plant-based way of eating, refusing to participate in the domination of animals and the dulling of awareness this requires, we make a profound statement that both flows from and reinforces our ability to make connections.  We become a force of sensitivity, healing, and compassion.  We become a revolution of one, contributing to the foundation of a new world with every meal we eat.  As we share our ideas with others, we promote what may be the most uplifting and healing revolution our culture has ever experienced."


  1. thank you. as I have read the book many times, I can also say it is very informative and excellent written. Once again. I thank Will Tuttle for writing this book. Anyone who cares about animals and our treatment of this world must read this book. This is the definite book of the 21st century! Very nice commentary Michael.

  2. I think I just found my next book to read! This sounds wonderful and right up my alley. The title has a beautiful message, the excerpt follows through with it... Our food choices are SO important in so many aspects and too many of us don't prioritize that choice in our "busy" lives. Thank you for posting.


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