Sunday, September 19, 2010

Hundreds of Animals Seized From Research Facility - By: Elise Roberts

GREENSBORO — Guilford County's Animal Shelter is housing 19 animals seized from the Professional Laboratory and Research Services facility. The Greensboro shelter has been at capacity for quite some time but staff pulled together to find space after learning of the animal abuse.

"We knew it was the right thing to help the animals in Gates County. When the Humane Society of the United States called and asked us to help, we knew that we could not say no," said Executive Director Marsha Williams.

The animals came from a testing site in Gates County. The research center was supposed to be using the cats and dogs to test different products. But undercover video shows that the center was doing much more than that.

"These animals were being abused by the staff at the lab," said Williams.

An undercover PETA investigator shot video showing employees of PLRS abusing some of its animals. It is abuse that shelter leaders say may have scarred these animals for life.

"They are skittish, they are afraid that every time we put our hands on them that we are going to do something to harm them," said Williams.

For nine months the PETA representative worked inside the research facility that tests insecticides and other chemicals used in animal products. However, the investigation found that the cats and dogs were abused and neglected which caused a number of health problems.

"We see a lot of parasite, worms, ear infections because the ears need to be cleaned but our main concern is the condition of their paw pads where they have infection and they are beginning to swell up and get red and raw," said Williams.

PETA's investigation and complaint to the USDA forced the Gates County Company to shut it's doors for good, sending hundreds of animals to a number of shelters across the country.

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