Sunday, June 13, 2010

Adoption Can Help Heal the Loss of a Pet

by Jeff @

Handling the loss of a pet is difficult. That animal had become a member of your family, and was built into your daily routines. He or she made you laugh, maybe even consoled you after a hard day, or possibly offered themselves as a loving companion during times of loneliness. Many people say, “I will never find a replacement.” While that is true, you can take comfort in knowing you were able to provide a safe home, well nurtured lifestyle, and an enriching life for your pet. This is something not all pets get a chance at having. As the weeks go by and the sting of losing your loving household companion begins to pass, consider adopting a new pet. After all, you were a good owner and your past pet will be happy to know you’re again providing loving nurture and care for another of its kind. Losing a pet is tough, but knowing you can continually help save the lives of pets is something to help ease the mourning, and celebrate as life goes on.

I could not agree more with Jeff.  This happened when our last companion pet Angel left this world.  It was a horrible time for my whole family.  We were all so very sad and just felt the emptiness in our hearts and in our home.  Shortly after Angel's passing, I started volunteering at the local SPCA where we adopted Angel and it changed my life.  I became more involved with animals and eventually found Nemo, our standard poodle.  We could never replace Angel, but we adopted Nemo knowing that Angel would have wanted us to be happy.

Please click here and help make a difference in an animals life by adopting your next best friend. 

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